Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Protective Instincts

Mi esposo and I took the day off yesterday to attend to some personal matters. Our bebe was the happiest, she was all smiles seeing me beside her when she woke up and knowing that her tatay was just in the living room. She was enthusiastic the whole day and made “pa-bibo” (antics) to the max. She was interacting with the characters from the Nick Jr. shows, singing their respective theme songs, counting with the Team Umizoomi, marching with Dora the Explorer and dancing with The Backyardigans. I bet no facebook smileys from www.myemoticons.com can match her ecstatic face yesterday. She even made a jingle out of own words using Dora’s song which goes something like this: “where are we going (clap, clap, clap) daddy’s house” (if you watch Dora I’m sure you’ll relate). She was so funny and so entertaining.
But what I find relatively funnier later that day was mi esposo. He was setting his bike in our backyards when mi bebe followed her. I was confident that she’s going to be safe there so I didn’t bother to come after her. When all of a sudden, she came crying back to me. We were clueless as to what happened but after our short talk, she told us she was bitten by ants. When she was calm I thought that was it, we just went on as usual. But mi esposo cannot let it pass just like that, he returned to us and told our bebe that the ants were already gone. He even murmured that he didn’t mind them when they bit him but biting his bebe was a different story.
It was just ants, I cannot imagine more with boys who will make her cry (in the farther future). Lol

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