Friday, September 21, 2012

When It Rains, It Pours

Funny how my officemates are trying hard to rearrange their tiny office spaces just to accommodate feng shui teaching. They even shop for what is thought to be lucky items and put it in their respective tables to attract good chi. I’m not sure if they have achieved their desired luck after two weeks of passionate following, I am not even sure what luck do they need. I am just glad the luck somewhat bounces to me, indirectly though. Lol
It’s actually mi esposo who’s been receiving blessing after the other these past days. It started when he attended a work related seminar where he won both a special prize and the grand prize, the latter was easily monetized the following day. Then the next day, I was surprized to receive a dinner package, I later found that it was intended for him (only coursed through me) as a gratitude for extending his IT expertise.
I didn’t know these things overwhelmed him, mi esposo admitted he is afraid of what might be the take-back of all these lucks. I assured him these were his blessings and not mere luck. It’s the reward for his goodness and is not something he needs to pay off soon. And after all, he has a pregnant esposa (oh, you know the saying).
Pouring blessings, I just hope the (literal) rain will stop this weekend. My scheduled maternity photoshoot must push through.            

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