Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Believe!

Life is full of miracles, every day is a miracle in its own rights. I just realized that the year 2013 is a momentous year for the familia. This year, we are about to celebrate 4 major milestones in our family life that we cannot just brushoff (read: G-A-S-T-O-S year). Come this June is our 5th Familia Anniversary (aka Wedding Anniversary), you know that 5 years marks a big milestones in everything, right? And then, this September mi esposo and I will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary as a couple. While on October will be Dos’1st birthday and on November will be Uno’s 3rd birthday, it is the 1st birthday where she will fully be aware of the merriments. To culminate these milestones, the esposo and I are thinking of pushing that fancy vacation which was suspended last year due to my pregnancy. We are seriously saving for it now actually. Another thing in the drawing board is gifting the familia with a small business. This can aid our finances and maybe finally can ignite the construction of our dream house.
Speaking of dream house, yesterday, we finally had the gut to stop by the townhouse we are eying for the longest time. The kind sales broker wowed us with their model units and the esposo and I was just drooling the whole time. lol I seriously am shabby as I toured around the house. I wanted to scream I WANT THIS HOUSE at the top of my lungs. Esposo on the other hand had already visualized the placing of the appliances and the furniture. I told you, that was our house! We were so thrilled and were willing to sell everything we have to get it. But reality bites, we went home with shrug shoulders, where in God’s hand will we get 6.9M? We’re just government employees, re-mem-ber?
Oh well, life is still good especially with all these milestones in line. I may not know where to get the money to make everything in our drawing board come to life, but I still believe in miracles. There can be miracle if you believe and that's true.   

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