Tuesday, December 3, 2013

DIY Party Signage

The venue for Dos’ party was a little hard to pinpoint. That’s why I thought of making a lot of signage outside the venue. It would be a hassle-free if I rented a styro-backdrop for the stage but I also DIYed it so I had to use my power again and the materials around me (or the esposo would cut me into pieces if I buy new set) to produce one. 
Styro ball, paint, board (I used a side of a box), balloon stick, crepe paper, cut-out letters (message), curling ribbon, nylon, masking tape, scissor, knife.


I divided the styroball into half using a kitchen knife (it's easier considering it has a longer handle).

The ball was intended as a base, so I shaved the center to make it more stable.

I asked the esposo to make it look like a ball (or the half of it), so he painted it in theme colors.

For the main signage, I covered the board with crepe paper (also using the theme colors). I wanted the back of the board to be fully covered.

Then I tricked it by layering another color and arranged the message on top. This was my 1st product, I made a mistake of using a glue. As you can remember back from your art class that liquid breaks the color of the crepe paper (which I unfortunately forgot). So there, epic fail. I wanted to make another one but the ink of our printer run out. I was just fortunate my guest let pass my failure.

So for the next signage, I know better by using a roled masking tape. (It would be easier have I used double sided tape, but luck was really not on my side, we run out of roll too).

But the outcome was neater unlike the 1st.

I made a total of 4 signage.  I regret I was not able to take a picture of the 4th, which happened to be my favorite because I added a silhouette of Dos' there. It say "The Game Is Here" which I placed on the veranda of the venue.
Here's the actual photos of the signage.  
I initially though of using half ball per signage, but since I used heavy board, I needed to use 2-halves to make it stand.

So I just hung the rest.

I also made a scoreboard for the buffet table, but this time, I realied solely on my handwritting and some paint.

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