Monday, October 1, 2012

How's My Driving?

The whole agency where I work for was shocked by the news that one of the shuttle bus drivers (D1) got involved with a serious traffic accident. Apparently, he collided with a tricycle and it took its driver’s (D2) life. Investigation revealed that D1 was also a victim of the circumstance, it was D2 who counter flowed which made D1 impossible to avoid. But since there’s life involved the D1 surrendered himself to the police and took full responsibility of the accident. Good thing the lawyers from our Legal Office was there to offer assistance for D1 and were as diligent as the dwi Arizona lawyers. The next thing we knew D1 was out of police detention.
You really cannot trust drivers these days, that I am constantly telling mi esposo every time he holds the wheel. No matter how cautious you are, there are lots of crazy, irresponsible drivers on the loose that would really test your temper. The key I think is to always keep cool and be patient on the road. But I guess the government should really work hard in educating drivers of the traffic rules and reprimand them in case of violation. It is only the law enforcers who can discipline them and revoke their licenses if necessary. Anyway, driving is just a privilege and never a right.

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