Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gossip Girls

I remember watching 1 financial analyst lectured on TV, to start he said: when the rich people get-together they talk about business and how to acquire more money, when the middle class meets they talk about gadgets and how they acquired it, when poor people sees, they talk about other people. Funny, but I think it’s not only the social class that prompts gossiping. It can be tracked from the idleness of a person. The less activity you do, the more time you have of watching others and putting colours into things. 
That is most common in a community set-up. Like in my place, my neighbors are always so gracious in updating me about our neighborhood. Weekends are my only time to bond with them but they make sure I’m not left behind. The most recent and the juiciest is the break-up of this young couple. It troubled me because they are close to the family and worst the reason for their break-up is something so hard to mend. Such a waste. 
Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of stories in the office and it’s making me sick. I’m tired of listening to issues that’s beyond my control. I’m tired of commenting and sharing my piece. I’m tired of picturing somebody to fit the story. I’m tired of the fact that I have time to gossip.
I hate gossips. I don’t like talking about gadgets. And I’m not rich.  


  1. I don't like talking about gadgets, either. That's why when Edwin starts raving or ranting about a particular gadget na, I change the topic! Haha. :)

    1. Haha. Let's leave the gadget thingy with our man. Let's make more money nalang..hehe