Friday, February 15, 2013

V-Day Boo Boos

St. Valentine doesn’t actually exist, an officemate told me. He was just fabricated during the times when flowers and chocolates were not as saleable. I agree, Valentine’s Day is a manufactured occasion, but who cares? Giving surprises to our loved ones makes us happy. Gifts and thoughts make people happy. But what if your surprise backfired on you? Like these stories I know which all happened yesterday: 
Back to Sender: The wife loves throwing surprises, so on Valentine’s she made and effort to give her husband something that would help him complete his project. She presented and organized the gift perfectly, and excitedly asked somebody to give it to him. An hour later, the wife was surprised to receive the same thing from her husband, same gift in same presentation.
A Little Too Late: The husband is working abroad. The wife waited the whole morning to receive a greeting from him but since there’s none she made a stand not to greet first. Finally, the husband called late in the afternoon, during the call, the husband was waiting for her to thank him for the sweet gesture, but she did not. Some time later, a bouquet of flowers was delivered to the wife. Apparently, the delivery was scheduled early that day.
Shape Up: The kids was busy in front of the laptop the whole afternoon, the mother kept on telling them to turn it off and focus on other things, kids just ignored her. A little past bed time, the kids went near their mother holding the laptop, it was then that the mother broke her rage for her kids’ hard-headedness. Hesitant with fear, the kids handed her the laptop and asked her to see it. It was an audio-visual presentation for her, their Valentine’s gift.
All's well that ends well. Sometimes, bloopers make relationships more interesting. How’s my Valentine’s been? Well, I technically surprised myself, I’m not sure though if I made myself happy. haha     

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