Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Playing Favorites

Fa-vor-it-ism – the practice of treating somebody better than others. 
My Kuya, who’s working in Saudi is coming home soon. He’s not renewing his contract to get a refresher course in Dental Technology, his field of work, for him to get a better chance in applying for work in other countries. Though the intention was good, I don’t buy the idea. He has 2 children and I don’t think it’s wise to give-up a good-paying-stable job without a precise replacement. But Mama supports him and gave him the go. Though Mama would never admit (and as much as possible would not show bluntly), we all grew up believing Kuya was our Mama’s favorite child. But we didn’t take it against him (or even her). Though he got the favor most of the time, we’re not jealous and accepted the situation casually. It’s a perk of being the 1st born.
That’s the way it has been, parents favors the eldest. I was still single then when I asked a mommy friend of her thoughts about it, she said maybe because the eldest is the most anticipated child, it’s with the eldest where parents shared most experience with and they had the solo attention before everybody else came. Hmm, sounds convincing right?
But Office favoritism is another story. Our group feels we are not in our boss pet's list. Since we came from a different mother Office, we are getting the least trust and confidence from her (which should not be the case), thus giving us lesser job assignments. But I would like to stay positive and think that our boss would like us to relax and be not stressed. If you look at the bright side, now, I can surf all I want. Lol 
Guiltily, I also play favorite with almost everything, be it with pillow, dress, shoes and even food. But is my 1st born my favorite child, you asked? I’ll be honest, Uno is my favorite daughter..
.. and Dos is my favorite son. J

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