Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It Is A Sign!

Every child is a sign that God has not yet given up on man (unknown)
When the story about the end of the world broke last year, I was 1 of those who were sceptic about it. Of course I was raised as a Catholic so I stand by its teachings, the bible tells us that we do not know the time of the end; it will come like a thief in the night. But my silly mind has its works, I thought of loaning from various financial institutions to fund my fancies so that I and my family could experience the “good life”, anyway it might be the end soon and I would not need to pay-up, if not then #BahalaNaSiBatman. Lol
But I got my proper mind working when I learned that I was pregnant. The quotation above was exactly my thoughts (okay not verbatim, but the thought was there). I was sure 2012 was not the end of the world yet because God gave me another baby. New life, new beginnings. 
Since this was my 2nd pregnancy and we had an unused boy’s name from the previous, we decided to give it to him. But I was a little hesitant because I got that name from my favorite band singer son’s name, I don’t want to sound like a fantard, so I researched a little. Gladly and coincidentally, Dos' name is a variant of Ian meaning God is Gracious. Fits perfectly. Come to think of it, my 2nd name is Cristene a girl’s name for Christian in which Ian was derived. Now, that is what you call “connection”. #palusot  
See? Its 2013 and we’re still alive and multiplying. That quotation was my Ate’s FB status, it brought back memories when I read it. I wish her well. I wish all pregnant and trying to conceive well. 


  1. Of course nobody knows when really is the end of the world. Only God knows, when is the right time to punish the people for their sins. It's time to contemplate and do good things na hehehe..

    1. I am thinking death is the end of the world. We all will have our own end, and like what you've said, only He knows when it will be.