Friday, February 1, 2013

"P - O - S - I - T - I - V - E"

What a way to start a month! A “positive” news (and an answered prayer) from somebody so dear reached my very secretive ears today. Although it’s not for the telling yet (as per my own advice), I’m just so excited that I just can’t hide it. I needed an outlet so here am I, saying something without any logic. I’m so non-sense (and excited), what a fool. Lol
Well, even without a concrete sense from the story above, it’s always better to maintain a positive outlook in life. Optimism is the best driving force in achieving one’s goal. Positivity should always be hand-in-hand with hard work to succeed.
And... you can always spell "positive" with two lines. ;-)


  1. wow galing! officemate-friend mo? parang I know who it is, sana sya nga yung naiisip ko para masaya talaga. :)

    1. It is what it is! Pero hindi siya eh, (si Lui ba?).hehe Sa June pa siya pwede magtry uli. Mauuna ka pa sa kanya. =)

  2. Ay hindi pala sya, kala ko talaga si Lui.Hehe. :)