Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DIY Minnie and Mickey Mouse Costumes

My kids were invited to a Minnie and Mickey Mouse Themed Party. What was exciting about this was they were asked to come-in as the cutest mouse themselves. It’s my kids 1st costume party, but I don’t want to overdo it. Though, I am not a crafter (especially with dresses), I braved in making their costumes. I didn’t want them to wear store bought costumes because chances are, they will look like any other. Also, knowing how Filipinos responds to dress codes, more chances that only handful kids will come in costume, which in-turn makes them the outcasts. Lastly, I don’t want to buy (period). Hehe Here’s what I did.
For Uno’s Minnie Mouse Costume, I recycled her Lady Bug costume.
She could have worn it as is only if it was in her size but it wasn’t so I made a big adjustment. I removed all the unrelated nick-knacks, 1st. Since I am not a sewer, I only ripped one side of the dress, that will save me from some sewing job.

This was my peg by the way. So only these parts remained from the original dress.

Then I got her measurements. As they say, measure twice, cut once.

Getting her out of her playtime to get her measurements was not that easy. I needed to make her feel that we were just playing, so I had to have my turn.hehe (excuse my running outfit) 
After cutting the dress to my desired design, I put pin around the edges and passed it to the sewing department aka her nanny. Here's the finished product.
That's not all. A Minnie Mouse costume wouldn't be complete without headband and shoes. I customized those too.
For the headband, I opted not to include the ears. I thought it's more cute and girly to only use the trademark ribbon. I used the fabric (polka dots and black) I removed from the original dress plus other materials like, used folder (to give body), plain headband and  needle and thread.

The headband I used was not black, so I (yes, me) sewed black fabric to cover it. Then I asked esposo to draw a ribbon for me. This doubled as fabric guide and a ribbon filler as well. Then I sewed the 3 sides (reverse side of the fabric) then reversed the fabric and inserted the filler before sewing the last side. Noticed the excess part from the drawing? I used that to attached the ribbon to the headband.   

The finished product.

For the shoes, I just put a ribbon using the scrap polkadot fabric on her red shoes. 

This was Uno's Minnie Mouse ensemble.

For Dos' costume, this was my inspiration.

But since Manila can be so humid, I decided to let him wear a sando. My original plan was to dye his white sando black and dye his white shorts red. But it was too hard to find dye, it was my mama who finally bought it for me 2 days prior the party. I asked her to buy 1 pack of each color. Then I instructed the nanny to soak each piece of clothe overnight. The next day (a day before the party), the clothes looked like this:

Yes, epic fail. And since there was no more time to mend it, I just looked around the kid's closets for alternatives. I saw this red leggings in Uno's closet and found it perfect (although there is a lace at the I sewed 2 big buttons ( got it from my dress) on it.  

Since either kids don't own a black shirt, I settled for this dark blue shirt. I also put on his black long socks to act as pant.

Then for his mickey ears, I also used the materials from the ears above. I covered the headband just the same but now I patterned 2 circles and made a connection. This will make attachment to the headband easier. And in this way, I can also easily tacked all the mess away. 

Like this. I was able to attached the fabric to the pattern by simply using glue.


Though I'd like to make an effort for his shoes too, the esposo already warned me. He said he had tolerated too much girly stuff on Dos already, don't push to the limit. Okay, so Jordan Shoes alright. This was his costume all together.
My cutie patotie mice, pre-departure photos. :)

They didn't bagged the best in costume award, I wasn't really expecting. But I was really proud of how my efforts paid. What made me more fulfilled was the acceptance of my kids, they were really happy with it. They especially loved their ears. They wore it everywhere.

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