Friday, December 13, 2013

End VAW Now, It's Our Duty

I was 1 of the many privileged employees who were sent to attend the Knowledge Sharing Exercise (KSE) spearheaded by the Human Rights Commission. Today’s KSE made an in-depth discussion about Republic Act No. 9262 or commonly known as The Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children (VAWC) Act of 2004. VAWC Law aims to stop violence against woman and/or her children (biological or otherwise) by her past or present intimate partner. Intimate partner may mean anybody whom a woman had or has sexual relationship with, like:
·         husband (or ex)
·         live-in partner (or ex)
·         boyfriend/girlfriend (or ex)
·         dating partner (or ex).
This law classifies VAWC as a public crime. It also aims to promote awareness amongst people to act and do something to stop such violence. Our guest speaker, Atty. Claire P. Lucson, from Womanlead Foundation was very knowledgeable (and inspiring at the same time) about the topic. She clearly discussed the acts of violence, remedies, penalties, and what every abused woman can do to protect herself and her child. Such acts of violence can include but not limited to:
· Physical violence – bodily or physical harm
· Sexual violence – act sexual in nature committed against woman or her child (rape, sexual harassment, forcing the wife and mistress to live in conjugal home,  prostitution, et al.)          
· Psychological violence – acts or omission causing or likely to cause mental or emotional suffering (intimidation, damage to property, stalking, marital infidelity, et al.)
· Economic abuse – acts that make or attempt to make a woman financially dependent (withdrawal of financial support, destroying household property, controlling victim’s own money, et al)
I found this Law very beautifully crafted and detailed to the tiniest detail. This was possible because the victims themselves were the one who drafted this. What I love more about this Law is that it gives everybody the right to stop the violence. No more “away mag-asawa lang yan” mentality, anybody can end VAW because it now our duty.
For more details refer to the briefers below or visit the Philippine Commission on Women website



  1. I missed this KSE. Busy kami madami kasi events, bawal daw umalis. :(

    1. Naku, sayang. Ang daming matututunan, na-inspired nga ko maging woman advocate eh.hehe