Monday, December 16, 2013

Why Did You Close Your Eyes So Soon?

Today is my Papa’s 5th birthday in heaven. The memory of what came about was still fresh to me like it was just yesterday. He was scheduled to be released from a 5 day hospital confinement that same day. We all believed he was already relieved from Pulmonary Edema (water in the lungs) triggered by Kidney Disorder secondary to his Diabetes. I was with him the day before and I knew he was already okay. We were even teasing the charged doctor not to discharge him yet because he was enjoying the free airconditioning in his room. Nobody saw that he was not going home to us. That God had prepared a better home for him. We were saddened by his untimely demise. But we have to accept His decision and his acceptance (although I still carry the question above in my mind). 
There was also a rather interesting story that time. As mama was sent out of the room while papa was being revived, she heard tell-tales at the nurses’ station. Apparently, 1 nurse saw a smoky figure with 2 other figures in white, ascending. Mama was of course in denial, for she still hopes papa would be revived. True enough, it was papa. He decided to go with them. That story became our weapon in accepting the fate. At least we know for a fact that it was God’s angels who fetched him.
Today, timely with his anniversary, esposo and I were privileged to lead the candle offering during our office’s thanksgiving/Christmas mass. I took the chance to whisper my prayer for him in mine.

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