Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Marriage for Keeps (and for Cheaps)

We got those at P45 each from Handyman, Robinson’s Sto.Niño (or whatever branch name they carry, all I know is that, it’s within our village). I think it was my 1st time to visit Handyman (or at least that branch) and I was struck with the awesome finds there. Most  of the items were sold in cheap prices. Some were with buy 1, take 1 tags, while most were at a discounted price. Like those solar lamps I spotted which was marked down at 70%. 45 pesos for a solar lamp, pinagiisipan pa ba yon?
Apparently, mi esposo did. He hesitated in buying it. Actually he refused to buy it at all. He was saying something like, "not now"; "the materials don't look sturdy"; "maybe next time"; blah, blah, blah. Maybe he had a point. Maybe it was not really durable. Maybe it was not really the familia’s priority at that instance. But for cheapskate’s sake it was just P45, my golly! Out of frustration I uttered, “ang hirap magpaganda ng bahay pag ganyan kasama mo, maghahanap nalang ako ng ibang kasama”. Really, I meant that. #P45WorthOfMarriageLangAngPeg hehehe I walked out and went to Saizen.
I am not really shopaholic, I only buy things for myself when the needs arise. But of course, I am only a woman, vulnerable and weak (when it comes to good finds). And that’s where he comes in. I really appreciate how he keeps me sane when I’m being impulsive. I listen to him, I really do (except for those times that I become nurture-ally deaf. I don’t know but the infant section is deafening). I think that is what they mean by “opposite attracts”, by the term “complement each other”. That is how marriage works. One must fill where’s the other one is lacking.   
Like in this story. He followed me with 5 pieces of solar lamps bought at Handyman. That’s what I’m talking about. #MarriageSaved! #GandaPaNgPatio hahaha   

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