Friday, December 6, 2013

Fun Transformation

The past weekend was fun filled for the familia. We partied for 2 straight days, and it was just awesome.
Saturday, was Cassy’s (my OB’s daughter) 1st birthday. It was a Minnie/Mickey Mouse Themed party and the kids were asked to come in costume. It was my kiddos’ 1st costume party and it filled me with excitement. My kiddos’ costume was home made – from head to toe and I am so satisfied of how it turned out (it was a weeklong preparation after all.hehe). Cassy’s parents made sure to throw a big party for her (one lucky child). Everything was extravagant, from the food to prizes to souvenir. The guests had so much fun, kids especially.  
The party set-up. Look there's a stuff mouse inside the balloon.

Cassy with Mom and Dad. Her mom was also in costume, so game!

The posh adult souvenir, photo balloon.

Us, at the party.

Sunday was a construction themed party for Brylle’s (my highshool friend’s son) 1st birthday. It was a straight forward but carefully thought of party. Brylle’s mom took care of the physical arrangement and I super admire her for putting everything in coordination. The entire program was even on theme, it was like a science/construction trivia show of some sorts.

So nice, is it not?

The parents aka magugulang trying to beat the kids in tallest tower game.

Partying with friends. 

What made this back-to-back party more memorable to us (me and the esposo) was that the revelation our kiddos made. Were so happy of how they acted during the 2 parties. Dos was relatively behaved kid. He did not give us any problem in handling him. He cheerfully played with the adults (he stayed in the adult’s table most of the time) and he entertained their wish to carry him (unlike his Ate during her age).
No, he's not gonna cry, just behaving.
While Uno was very interactive, she actively participated in the games and program. She even raises her hand and volunteer when the host asked for one. It was a breather to see that she’s coming out of her shell now.
She's enjoying the party.
We’re just one proud parent.     


  1. Kiddie birthday parties are always fun!

    Ang galing mo pala mag-DIY, from birthday signages ni Eon hanggang sa costumes nyo dito. Wala naman ako masabi. Hehe. :)

    1. Tawag lang ng pangangailangan. Kailangan matuto kung hindi magbabayad ako ng mahal.hehe