Monday, March 19, 2012

A Fancy Vacation

A group here in the office is busy preparing for their official travel to Palawan this April in relation to the forthcoming PAGBA Seminar. As they are so busy booking their flights and accommodations, I can’t help but jump over their excitement and plan mi own familia’s vacation. Haha

Mi esposo and I have been talking about a trip to a distant place for about forever, I just remembered it again today as I heard my colleague checking on the airfare rate. A trip to somewhere new is a yearly thing with mi familia. We make it a point to relax and unwind in time with the familia’s anniversary (our wedding anniversary actually). We targeted to visit this place last year but since mi bebe was too young, we reserved it to later date for her to enjoy as well. Planning for this trip for the second time around is as thrilling as the first time. But this is not for me to do alone, mi esposo and I always do it hand in hand. I hope it pushes through this year, anyway we still have ample time to prepare and to save-up.

As I checked on the rates over the net, I think this trip is achievable. Only we have to renew our passports sooner.


  1. i knew it.. i've been there before with my mother but wala pa disneyland.. hehe.. pag alam na ni annika, wanna go there too. happy trip!