Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Accomplishment Report

August 2012 is a blessing to working parents, like us, and our kiddos. This year, we had 2 consecutive long weekends, which meant longer time to relax and spend together. But unlike most families there, mi familia decided to spend those 2 weekends inside the premises of our home, its more relaxing and convenient for the family members, no one needs to drive and no one needs to plan, budget and pack (of course the latter would surely be me), we just made sure to stock-up a lot of good movies and munchies that could go along with it. Mi esposo and I also thought it’s the best time to finish our longtime house-chore backlog, he to fix the cable reception inside bebe’s room while I to declutter our marital room. But 7 days of no work was not enough for me to… even start on it (I’ll try next weekend again..hehe). On the other hand, mi esposo was able to fix the cable reception while lying, hmmm that’s a little unfair, but finishing his task with no sweat gave him a lot of sweet moments with his bebe. Aren't they so sweet?
But our greatest achievement over the weekend was being able to try the most talked about doughnut in town. It was not an easy grab, for we lined for almost 2 hours just to get our precious 1 dozen. The doughnut was worth the sacrifice though, but I hope its patrons will not recourse to that tough challenge again, soon.

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