Friday, August 31, 2012

Can You Bear Some More?

Our city government has yet started on a new concreting of road project last week. And yes, constructions (or concreting) such as this causes heavy traffic and burden to motorists and commuters. Everyone I know from our place rants about this new project, not that we are anti-progress but because we think that it is illogical to dig almost 50m length of road when all you have to fix is less than 10m long. But who are we to judge, we didn’t see the project plan, we are not construction engineers, there is nothing we can do but to endure month long (just 1 month please) of traffic jam.
But aside from the longer travel time, my main concern is the burden mi esposo has to withstand in driving. I can feel his exhaustion every time his dealing with jams like this. One time he even said he would teach me to drive once we acquired an automatic vehicle. As much as I would like to give him the credit for being the sole family driver, I didn’t argue and just agreed because I know it’s his way of telling me to help him.
But then again, it will surely be not at this time. I am yet to learn how to drive, pass the actual driving test and the written exam, I hope the dmvcheatsheets drivers test is applicable in the Philipines so I can review and surely pass the exam and get my driver’s license. And most importantly we need to acquire an automatic vehicle first, which I think will take longer than getting my license or even the concreting of our city’s main road.

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