Monday, August 13, 2012

Kitchen Make-Over

Our family decided to renovate my parental home to make new space for the kitchen. We thought that the existing does not serve its purpose well as designed. This time, we didn’t consult an architect, my brother and I just collaborated to come up with a suitable design to meet our (cooking) needs and the budget too. Of course the lesser labor force involved, the lesser cost it will take. But since we didn’t hire an architect (together with his whole entourage of workers), we are faced with the “who will work for us?” dilemma. Getting a reliable construction worker is so hard to find these days, especially in our side of town. How I wish there is something like installitdirect which will take care of this project just like in US where they have install-it-direct san diego synthetic turf, but I can only hope.

So far, my brother contacted a laborer to do the roofing, he is due to report today and start on the roofing, while the mason and his helper are due to report tomorrow. I hope they are true to their words because this renovation needs to hit its finishing stage before typhoon Helen makes a landfall this week.

As I said, I can only hope for the better. I promise to try-test this new kitchen as soon as it’s completed. Better start scouting for new recipes now.

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