Friday, August 17, 2012

"Japorms" of a Preggy

I miss dressing-up.  After almost 3 months of using the same old loose dresses, over- now undersized shirts in leggings and flats, I’ve come to get tired of it. I miss the days were putting a cloth-on has limitless option, I miss the days were I can dress according to my mood, my sense and my jive. I know my baby bump must not and should not be a hindrance in dressing, that even pregnant women can still be fashionable if not fabuloso. But I’m frugal, I don’t want to accumulate things that will only be deemed useful for less than 9 months so I don’t buy as much as others do. Actually, I only bought 1 piece during my 1st pregnancy which I used only for the baby shower. I guess I can only do so because I’m lucky to have in-laws who get pregnant ahead of me and are willing to hand-down their sentimental collections - that applies with my 2 pregnancies. Don’t get me wrong, this boredom is not brought about by the cloth per se (I do not care if it’s 2nd hand as long as it provides comfort) but by the drawback of dressing in my present condition.      
But today, wash day Friday, I surprised everybody with my ensemble. I’m wearing a shirt (brought before I got pregnant), running shoes and how do you know – a denim pants! My officemates were amazed that a big bellied me can still afford to be in denim (it’s a maternity denim actually, one of those hand me down items). Now this is what “japorms” is all about. My skinny jean and stilleto can wait.

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