Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hitting 2 Brains with 1 Book

I am hesitant whether I am giving mi bebe dos with proper nourishment he needs for his developing brain. I am aware that as early as his embryo stage he is already picking-up and learning almost everything that I feed him. That is why it is important to talk to him often, read educational materials and let him listen to soothing music as much as possible to boost his intelligence. But I am guilty of not doing it frequently. You see, I have bebe uno who is so demanding (and clingy) of my attention. The only time I can devote for dos is when I’m in the office - that is every break time – which he also shares with my lunch and power nap.      
But my hesitation was removed early this morning when I had a chit-chat with 1 of the parishioners of St. Jude Parish as I do my usual Thursday ritual. She guessed bebe dos' sex and proclaimed herself to be a fortuneteller, I was about to ask more prophesy when she laughed, of course she’s just joking, how could I? But she gave useful advice, she told me to prepare dos’ future profession as early as now. She told me if I want him to be a doctor I should tell him the parts of the body, if I want him to be a lawyer or president I should read him simple materials related to it. And it doesn’t have to be directed to him, I can say it out loud.
What a relief. Every night, I read books to uno, I review her with the parts of the body, I teach her to pray, we sing, we dance and we count ‘til 10, we mimic animal sounds and we identify colors, shapes and things. I didn’t know that as I teach uno, dos learns as well. Now he has lot of career options in the future.      

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