Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Confession of a Beaten Wife

My 4 years of marriage gave me the freedom of experimenting in the kitchen. I used to cook for my maiden family once in a while but am limited to the usual dishes because 1) I am lazy; 2) I don’t control the pantry and 3) I am not compelled. Now that I claim the opposite of those 3 (not sure of the #1 though) I have to do better. I scout for good recipes and tryout new dishes. I simply enjoy being in the kitchen and receiving compliments during meal from my only patron. But it seems a traitor is silently taking over my throne. Nowadays, I noticed his eagerness to learn the dishes I prepare. He would standby in the kitchen to watch me cook, he would even tell me to teach him the procedures because he wants to do it on his own. I should’ve not trusted that spy.
Yesterday, he came up with a very delish meal. It’s his own mind you, no recipe book, no coaching. Just pure love and hunger I guess? lol He cooked crab meat with shrimp in chili-garlic sauce, something I never dared to cook. It was the best! I forgot about my status and instantly gave him the throne together with the crown and the scepter. I’m dethroned by no less than mi own esposo!
Enough drama queen. lol I must confess I loved to be “beaten” like that.


  1. It's my pleasure..... hehehe

    1. may i remind you that 1 = chamba, you have to make 3 at least.. bawi muna trono.. hehe