Tuesday, August 14, 2012

As Happy as She Can Be

Today is my mama’s birthday. It’s been a sibling’s tradition to chip in a more or less equal amount for her birthday present. What funny though is that our gifts are most likely what we want to have for the house rather than what mama really want or need for personal consumption, since it’s a gift she doesn’t have a choice but to accept it whole heartedly. haha But I think she appreciates very gift nonetheless, I think she acknowledges the fact that the house really needs that specific item, that’s why. It was always like that since I was in HS, I remember our 1st collaborated gift was a punch bowl, we really like to have a punch bowl ready in our kitchen, that time we just borrow our neighbor’s when the need arise, so ate and I decided to get it “for her”. As our buying capacity improves our gifts for her improve with it.

But this year mama outsmarts us and requested for a gas range before we even realize what the house needs. Ate and I (yes we always decide. ;-)) gave a nod and presented our own specifications. She wants it to have a rotisserie while I want spacious burners plus you cannot get a range without the hood so put them all together and my kuya gets a heart attack. Lol Unfortunately, he cannot argue further it’s for mama after all and it’s divided by 3, our little bro will shoulder the installation, fair enough.

It’s just a little something as compared to her huge contribution to our wellbeing. We just want to make mama happy.

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