Thursday, October 11, 2012

My "Surprised" Baby Shower

It was held at my in-laws, actually I knew mi esposo was cooking-up something for me and bebe dos (he told me so it wasn't really a surprise party), but all the details of which was concealed from me. It was all his effort from the thoughtful coordination, listing of menu/guests, to marketing, down to the preparation of the food to feast on that night. I was forbidden to go out of the room but when it was time, oh boy I'm speechless!

Buffet table and decors. Everything was in perfect order.

The Program. It was Flo whom he assigned to prepare the program and host the party. It was hilarious. I kept on reminding myself to tone down my laughter or else I'll give birth right on the spot. 
Cakes. The diaper cake was a gift from my SILs Minnie and Ana, they made it from scratch. The edible cake was a gift from my friends.

Gifts. Dos was given useful gifts by his soon-to-be godparents and well wishers. I'm sure he'll like it as much as I did.     
Thanks to my friends who came and shared their precious night with us. I thank my PILs for opening their doors and my SILs for helping mi esposo out.  

This party would not be as memorable and fun without you.
Most especially, thank you mi lab for putting an effort in all this. I know this is something new to you, that you are not very good in pulling off a surprise but you did a terrific job. You made me and the little one inside my tummy so grateful. I congratulate you and thank you so much, I could not ask for anything more (except for the lazy boy I was telling you. lol). I love you so, so much. 

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