Monday, October 15, 2012

Nesting Instinct

Have you heard of such term? It denotes the urge of pregnant women to clean and organize their house in advance of their baby’s birth. I was not aware of such pregnancy trait until I personally experienced it with bebe uno. We started organizing her nursery 2 months before my due date and in 3 weeks’ time (5 weeks before the due), it was all set - ready and waiting for her to come. And true enough, I gave birth through an emergency CS the week after. She was only 36 weeks basing on the ultrasound, but thankfully the Pedia who was with us during the delivery affirmed that her actual age was already 38 weeks, it was really her time to say hello.

It was actually mama who made me realize this, she said that uno was excited to go out because her room was ready. Maybe that’s the reason why I am delaying the set-up of the new nursery this time around, that’s the reason why I don’t want to show my excitement, I want dos to be delivered exactly on cue. But can you actually delay his coming by not entertaining your instinct? I don’t think so.

My nesting instinct is starting to manifest. But my other instinct tells me to stock-up blog post (especially those that needs to be posted on a specific date). I may not be able to make an update when my maternity leave kicks-in. For sure I’ll be a super duper busy momma attending with kiddos left and right. Well, that’s 1 thing instinct need not tell me.        

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