Friday, October 5, 2012

Do you Think I'll be Rich?

We usually hear from financial experts to not be dependent on a sole source of income, no matter how stable it may seem. They always say to look for opportunity to earn aside from your steady salary. I think it is a logical advice, but no matter how I tried, I really am not a risk taker when there’s money involved – not a criterion of a good business man. What I was thinking is to earn using my skill, talent or interest – which I am still clueless whether I have any of those. lol Being a Korean english tutor is one good option, but I am not sure if I’ll be an effective one. I don’t have formal training and exposure to this kind of profession.
Yes, if you notice, I have tones of excuses and yes I’m tad lazy. I’d rather spend my spare time relaxing than stretching a bone for that extra money. Don’t you think it’s more fun to spend than to work hard to earn? Just teasing (but seriously, it is. hehe). Well, I’m still praying for a typhoon of money or receive a huge inheritance from a multi-rich - unknown relative.
Oh well, at least there’s blogging for me, the closest way in earning extra.     

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