Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Buckle Up for Safety

I can’t remember when mi bebe started to assign herself in the passenger seat. At first, she wanted to seat beside her tatay so we allowed her especially if we’re going for a short trip only. But when we realized that it’s becoming her permanent spot, we decided to buy her a toddler car seat, although using car seat in Manila is not for strict compliance, we still felt the need to get one for her safety. I admire mi bebe for being a responsible passenger, she behaves well, stays still, doesn’t play with the various buttons in front of her and most of all she knows that she needs to wear seatbelt. So far, this set-up fits us right, especially for me and my baby bump. As a back seat passenger, I am free to move around, I can easily provide assistance both to her (giving her milk and/or her pillow) and her tatay (giving toll fees and whatnots) plus my tummy is safe from her accidental hits.

Last Friday, we brought her to office, we didn’t bring her car seat because I thought it’s better for her to seat beside me so she can sleep, but when she boarded instead of lying, she instantly asked for seatbelt. Then she noticed I was not wearing mine, she immediately said “nanay sibelt” although my tummy is not comfortable with it, I had no choice but to wear mine too. The funniest part was when I handed her stuffed toy for her to embrace, she said “no, piglet sibelt”. So there, all 3 of us wearing seatbelt, safe and sound. lol
photo courtesy of Ninang Flo

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