Thursday, October 18, 2012

His Time of the Year

                 “I distinctly remember your birthday was last year” - Mother Gothel
            “That’s the thing with birthdays Mother, it’s an annual thing” - Rapunzel

                                                                                                     from the movie Tangled

It’s his birthday once again, mi esposo that is. Let's rather not talk about his age, not that he is concealing it or his in the state of denial but I think it is irrelevant. What’s important is he’s still as playful as a 7 year old boy, charming as a 4 year old child, stand like a 16 year old guy and thinks and speaks like a 45 year old gentleman. That will give you more or else an idea of his age, his 72 (total of all those numbers. lol). Kidding aside, his young and vigorous and proud to be 34 today. 
Birthdays are supposedly fun and happy milestone, isn't it? So let's skip the drama, don’t expect a dramatic post for him full of cheesy words, we’re not that kind of couple, we’d rather tease each other and laugh with our hearts content than display publicly our affection. We can always save our sweet talks inside the bedroom anyway (don’t think green, it’s our only place of solitude (or go ahead, you can think green. lol)). 
What I really would like to say is, I’m glad I married a child, a boy, a guy and a gentleman in one person. With him I have a confidant, a lover, a funnyman and a human fountain of youth – all I’m praying for in a husband (being my driver, runner, houseboy, handyman and nagging-absorber were a bonus). Such a lucky girl I am.   
I know I said I would not say anything cheesy, but please excuse this thought of mine, it's his birthday anyway (since he’s into biking nowadays, let me stick to that): 

               Me: If I was a bike I wouldn’t mind crushing..
               Him: Why?
               Me: Because I don’t want us to break. Boom!
Happy birthday Ba, my labs, my better-half. Be happy and enjoy life. I love you so much.

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