Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Borrowed Angel

What do you need to say to ease a mother’s sorrow? I say none. There is not a word to comfort her, not in her grieving times. You can always say the sweetest thing, give the soundest advice and provide the most comforting guidance but you still cannot stop her from weeping.
There is no greater love than the love she poured over it, the connection between them and the tie that bonded them even for that short span of time. Nobody felt its presence more than she did.
It’s in her, but you can never blame her for losing it. There is nothing or no one to be blamed in the 1st place. Not a worldly grasp can rationalize the reason of such fate. You can never even say it’s God’s will, God would never desire His child’s forlorn. I say not a mortal comprehension. 
Let her cry, let her grieve and let her weep, for at the end of the day, it’s still she who would heal herself. 
There is not a word you can say, but there is always one thing you can do. PRAY for her.


  1. Everything you wrote here is true. It is only the mother, who experienced the loss, can initiate and complete her healing. And yes, prayers are most welcome.:)

    1. It only takes a strong person (emotionally and spiritually) to overcome such trial. I especially salute you. A candle was lit for Angel Pippo last soul's day.