Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Obsessive Compulsive (OC) MomMa

My middle name is OC I forgot to tell. Working Nanay plus being OC equates paranoia. You see, I’m out of the house more than half of the ideal waking time [to do precise math its around 13 hours a day - 8 hours in the office, 1 hour lunch break, 4 hours on the road back and forth (that long? You can blame it to our shuttle bus driver. Not that he drives slow, the opposite actually, he’s just a loner, he wants to be alone on the road, imagine we leave at 0515 and we’re in the office at 0545 when our official office time starts at 0800 and we can’t do anything to protest because, sorry different story)], which only means I’m not there to look after mi bebe during day time. Some say I’m lucky my retired Mama is there to supervise mi bebe’s yaya. At the back of my mind, I say not really. Although a day is not enough to give credit to Mother for taking care of precious mi bebe, the same length of time is as not enough to vent my issues with her. Let’s not talk about the positive aspect, it’s already given, she’s the grandmamma, the love, care and affection cannot be questioned. I will just name few of my rants:

1) She is a spoiler, well most, if not all, grandparents are. So whatever mi bebe wants she gets it through her Lola. If she wants the remote control to be her teether, she can have it. If she wants to walk barefooted, so be it. I bet they’re sharing spoon too if I'm not on the look. Such mortal sins to us OCs you know.

2) She’s not OC like me. You can just imagine how I argue with her every time I see the bottle is left uncovered, the cloth diaper is on the floor and forgotten, when she carries mi bebe without disinfecting with alcohol and the like. Simple things that only OC nanay will dare create an argument with. Which lead me to:

3) I can never win. What can I do, I’m still the daughter.

My OC remedy is to prepare everything ahead. When I say everything, I mean everything - from her toiletries, to her dress for the day, to her diapers, to her vitamins and most especially her milk. Only I (or mi esposo) can touch and scoop the milk from the can, you know for sanitary purposes. Daily, either of us will pre-scoop her milk and place it in a milk dispenser, we also prepare the water for milk beforehand by putting the right amount of water on every feeding bottle. All they have to do is to mix together and shake. I even required them to fill-up the chart I made to monitor her diaper changes and milk intakes (and I verify it mind you). I also check on everything as I arrive home. I ask her yaya to wash every washable toy, the water basin she uses and the bottle dryer every day.

But one day, mi esposo lectured me about trust. He told me, “learn to trust people around our bebe” they will not mean and will never cause harm. He even told me that a little germ will even help develop natural antibodies to our bebe’s immune system. Being a submissive wife that I am, I dutifully took his advice by heart. So from then on, I do not impose on the chart thingy anymore. Life goes on as usual. =)

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