Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dragon Baby

According to Chinese tradition, Dragon babies - those born in the year of the Dragon - are believed to be blessed with good fortune, luck, power and strength. And so many couples plan to have their children during the lunar year or Dragon year. Couples are also believed to conceive until about May 2 so that their babies will be born in the Year of the Dragon (source).

Hmmmm. No wonder mi esposo was insinuating the other day.hahaha No, we're not planning for another baby yet, mi bebe is way too young to be an ate, he was just playing around. Ironically, I can't help but recall my day-dreaming days, I always wanted a baby born on the year of the Tiger. It is my belief that a Tiger in the house is the very best protection against burglary. Yes, I’m shallow like that. My SIL who knew this dream teased me that my chance of having a tiger baby was diminishing (it was Feb. that time) and I conceded. But lady luck was on my side, on April we found out that I am 8 weeks on the family way. We had mi bebe on that specific Chinese year, it must be will power that worked. Hold-on, mi esposo must be seriously joking alright or his charm will power might worked

Incidentally, we are actually expecting dragon babies (I am hoping it would be more than 1). Our little pet daughter Mash (a pug) is pregnant! We’re excited grandparents. It will be her first born after 2 unsuccessful studs. Mi esposo as an expert dog breeder is making sure that everything about her pregnancy is well taken care of – from her vitamins down to the registration papers and documentations of her pups. Have I already said we’re excited grandparents? Oh yes, we are excited grandparents.    


  1. i vote for another mi bebe hehe

    1. Ikaw muna! I'm sure gusto mo na mag maternity photoshoot.hehe