Thursday, January 19, 2012

Back to the 80's

That was our agency's 2011 Christmas party theme. We were all enjoined to dress-up in our best 80's attire and grove to the 80's music. I must commend the committee who led the preparations, they did their homework very well (read: it’s their era I'm sure. lol). All the aspects of the party were keenly taken care of.  You’ll be time warp once you stepped-out of the grounds. The set-up, props, decorations and even the background music were all in theme. Randy Santiago, our guest performer, represents! The color of the surrounding can never be mistaken to any other era. Colorful balls and rubix cubes served as our dinner table centerpiece. Since, I was not lucky enough to be picked at the raffle, I took home the rubix cube, no hard feeling what so ever. lol          
Last night, as we were all in our PJs and ready to call it a night, mi bebe was still-up for her last hooray. She reached for the rubix cube at our bed's side table and as if she's solving it. Good thing mi esposo was quick to document it. Look at this bright little girl and notice the "do not disturb, I'm concentrating" expression she's trying to convey. lol  

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