Friday, January 13, 2012

Escalator Safety

It's a free ride =)
My 14 month-old daughter loves riding an escalator. She acquired this habit when she turned 1. I'm not sure with other babies, but mine just love to go up and down - non-stop! I don't know where she got this habit from, what I remember was there's this one time before her birthday, mi esposo and I let her stand alone while going down just to see how she'll react - we're glad she liked it. Oh, now I know, she got it from us. lol Mi bebe is so smart to remember that experience. Since then, she would point finger at an escalator whenever we'll pass one - which tells us she want to ride. When we allow her, she would go round-n-round (don't worry, we only do that in less crowded escalators). You can not blame us for giving in, she's so cute on it (just look at the photos). She's also so behave. She just stand, smile and make funny faces. Hay, mi bebe! you just melts my heart. =)

taken Dec of 2011
On a relative note, here are some tips on child safety during escalator rides:

Tie their shoelaces before getting on the escalator
• Stand in the center of the escalator, face forward and hold a parent's hand
• Refrain from sitting or playing on the escalator -- it should not be treated as an amusement park ride
• Do not bring children onto escalators in strollers, walkers, or carts -- take elevator instead
• Step on and off promptly.

Have I mentioned mi bebe loves walking? But she still walks with support though, so everytime she walks, she tags along someone with her. I hope she gets the courage to walk on her own the soonest!


  1. That's funny. My daughter also like riding the escalator too much when she was at the same age.

    Thanks for dropping by! BTW, I currently don't accept link exchange for my mommy blog cos I'm planning to update my LINK section one of these days.

  2. Hi, Mrs. Kolca! Honored to be visited by you. Babies are cute like that. =)

    No worries re: link x-change, but if it is not much to ask, can you inform me once your link has been updated? thankx