Friday, January 20, 2012

Quiapo Day

In my opinion, Quiapo must be the busiest district in Manila. I remember my teacher back in HS said, “if you’re lost, go to Quiapo and you will surely find your way home”. Why not, every possible bound routes to that side of the metro. I technically grew-up in Quiapo, my school addresses there, it’s been my home for almost a decade, and it’s very proximate to where I work now. I love the place and proud of it, notwithstanding the bad impression people have on it. Quiapo taught me to be street-smart, it taught me brotherhood and camaraderie, to treat people with respect to be reciprocated. There’s beauty to that place if you only dared look at it.

But my teacher’s statement may also have different meaning. If you analyze it, it may also be read as “lost soul, pray at Quiapo Church and it will lead you back home”. As everybody knows, Quiapo is where the famous Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene, or simply the Quiapo Church, houses. Devotees visit the Church to offer their burden and pray for intercession. This veneration was said started with Filipinos who identified themselves with the poverty and daily struggles and tribulations of Jesus, which the Black Nazarene represents. Every Friday, the Church offers novena to all devotees, it is also locally known as the Quiapo Day.

Today, Friday, Flo and I went to Quiapo. Well, how do you know? We went shopping. Didn't I tell you Quiapo is a bargain haven? So, we shopped - with our hearts out and 'til the last penny dropped. =)



  1. when again ang quiapo? namiss ko na agad hehe next week? :)