Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Birthday Girls

You can never have true friends in your work place, they say. That may be true at one point, because co-employees have interest and competing perspectives. But that does not apply to me. I’m one lucky person who has colleagues who can be considered true friends. And they just celebrated their respective birthdays this month.   

Born on the 13th - Flor/Flo (she writes her name that way): She's one of my HBBs, we met since forever. We live in the same village, our families know each other, classmates at Grade 1, separated for  awhile, and then back as classmates/seatmates/ chatmates/cheatmates/twins/triplets (with her real twin)/barkada/tropa from 1st to 4th year high. Separated in college, and reunited again when she recruited me (and mi esposo) to serve the country. As noble as it may sound, that just means officemates/IMmates/shuttlemates/tropa to us. =) I know, with the boyfriend around, this was her best birthday so far.   

cake blowing with the busy boyfriend at the side
Although not my officemate, another HBB - Liza, shares the birthday with Flo. How do you know, they're twins. lol
sharing birthday and the birthday cake with her twin
Born on the 17th - Lui: She's the sweestest. She's also a recruit of Flo, they're college friends. I'm just the luckiest to be working with her. We belong to the same division so we technically work together and we practically share everything here in the office (gossips included). She's my sister and my confidant and my kumare no doubt. With all the blessings she currently have, we still join her and her husband in praying for that one thing that will make them trully happy and complete.   

tiny cake for the lady with a big heart
Happy birthday sisters! And thank you for being around, you make work fun as play. =)

during the agency's 2011 sports festival

with our respective partners in our boss' office sala 


  1. Wow! super like! finally! andito na ako sa blog mo LOL, nkakaiyak nman yan hehe :-)

  2. haha.. surprise! manlibre ka uli, ibblog kita uli.. =)