Thursday, January 26, 2012

Facebook Timeline

Seen below is my current profile picture on Facebook. This was taken during my MIL’s Christmas treat in Tagaytay last year.

my kids! =)
I heard from the news that Facebook is about to enforce the Timeline Setting to all its active social networkers. It is still optional until now, but on Monday, Timeline is going to be mandatory - read: the profile page we know and love will be totally revamped - whether we like it or not. Via the official Facebook blog, the site announced, “Last year we introduced timeline, a new kind of profile that lets you highlight the photos, posts and life events that help you tell your story. Over the next few weeks, everyone will get timeline. When you get timeline, you'll have 7 days to preview what's there now. This gives you a chance to add or hide whatever you want before anyone else sees it”.

People over the web make fuss about this, they say it exposes their entire networking history. They say, it reincarnates off pictures and posts that they might have wanted to forget. If you ask me, I also dislike Timeline, but that is just because I don’t like how it looks, to quote my friend, “it looks so Friendster-ish”, I do not like the photos screaming at your face and your whereabout is so stalker-friendly (I read that photo and albums can now be tagged with locations). Nice thing is that, Timeline comes with “hide” button. Which btw annoys me as well, I just don’t get why people post something that they really would not want to be seen. Users should be responsible with everything they post over these sites, once you post something, face it, it becomes public property, if you don’t want any comments and whatnots from seers, then don’t post, simple. I believe it’s the main reason why Facebook regulates the age of its users - R-E-S-P-O-N-S-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y. If I may barrow GMA 7’s tagline “Think before you click” – that sums it up.

Yes, I’m furious, did you feel it? That’s because we are not allowed to Facebook here in the office! How can we be friends, oh dear Timeline, if we’re restricted like that. :(  

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