Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Save on Electric Consumption

I was assigned to summarize/comment on the submitted report of this agency regarding the savings generated in view of the implementation of the Administrative Order (AO) No. 103, s. 2004. AO No. 103 is a directive to all NGAs, SUCs, GOCCs, GFIs and OGCEs to adopt austerity measures in the government. The document on my hand specifically reports their accomplishment base on "Section 1: (b) reduction of atleast 10% in the cost xxx - (2) consumption of fuel, water, office supplies, electricity and other utilities xxx" (read the whole content of the said AO here).

In times like this, where price shoots-up uncontrollably, we really need to come-up with ways and means to lessen utility expenses. If this agency can do, the more we must in our households (no AOs needed), especially it’s our hard earned money whose going to pay for it. On that note, I’ve listed few tips to save-up electric consumption, these are all do-able and effective base on my experience.

1) Choose lesser evil (or which appliance is more important at a given time). If you have to turn-on the A/C during your kid's (humid) afternoon nap, then turn-off the fridge (2-3 hours will not harm food stored in the fridge especially if nobody opens its door). Also, set the A/C’s timer at night. (Again, 2-3 hours is enough to cool you down, your electric fan can do the rest). Try sleep pooling (sleeping together in one room will prevent you to turn-on A/Cs in individual rooms).

2) Schedule ironing and laundries (again, apply tip #1 here). In our family of 3, we iron our clothes bi-monthly and laundry’s weekly. Preferably, do these in the morning while you can still use the natural light and most importantly no inviting shows available on the tube (no interesting show means no peaking on the TV while doing your chore).

3) Before you sleep or goes out of the house, remember to unplug all unused appliances and double check if the lights are off (self-explanatory here). It’s also safer that way.

4) During over-humid days, you can always refer to your favorite mall. You can surely save-up on your electric consumption (just be ready with additional shopping expense.lol) 

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