Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First Time Abay

That's me. In my 31 years of existence I just walked down the aisle two times - one of which was ofcourse my own wedding in 2008 (my first time to march..ever!) and the other was my sister-in-law's, last Dec. 2011. It's not actually my first invite though, I was just so unfortunate to turn down the others for some reason I can not remember anymore. I'm just so glad, Minnie considered us (mi esposo included) as their cord sponsors. She and her husband Emil were already civilly wed for the longest time now, they already have 2 pre-teen kids, their eldest (a girl) is now an in-coming highschool freshman. It is actually their daugther's pre-admission requisite to that catholic-all-girl-school that forced them made them decide to seal their vows in catholic church. 

mi esposo and I as we marched down the aisle

with the wedded and the rest of the secondary sponsors

mi bebe a flower girl wannabe

mi esposo forcing a smile on mi bebe

"the family" as we lead the wine toast 

seems mi bebe is hungry now 

she's hungry alright =)

solid evidence! lol (with her lolo daddy)

day 1 of cold for mi bebe

the family trying to be wacky at the photobooth

as ourselves this time


  1. sana sa next blog post mo e andon na ako LOL

  2. i'll dedicate a whole post for you. ano kaya magandang topic sa'yo?hehe salamat sa pag-dalaw