Thursday, January 12, 2012

I am a blogger now!

Yes, it's me and i am starting on a thing that is not so familiar with me. Well, if ever there's a lost soul, who by fate, found my blog, let me tell you something not so secret about me. I'm lazy! So making a journal is so different, so not me. I once attempted to blog during the hay days of friendster, but it just died after 5 posts (I think). But I must say that I like reading blogs, it's part of my office routine (you know what I Many of which I just stambled while googling and there are few I check on a regular basis. Maybe those few inspired me to create one. 

Earlier, over lunch, I told mi esposo about this, he just laugh it off (he knew me that well, I guess). But, let me tell you a little secret.. well my real inspiration is the earnings! bwahahaha I want to make money online. I know, (because I googled it) earnings will not be that fast and easy, it will take a lot of hardworks and dedication. It will not even make me a millionaire, but hey, I'm not in a hurry. :) For now, I will try to enjoy the stuff, educate myself in order for me to educate my readers (as if there is), and have fun!

Expect my post to be anything under the sun. It can be anything about my daily existence and anything that comes inside my brain and the things I can bravely share with everyone over the WWW. ;-)


  1. Congrats to you Ms. Blogger! Goodluck!

  2. haha. thankx sa susunod iimpluwensyahan na kita. =)