Thursday, January 12, 2012

On Google Searchability...

After my first post (minutes I was so excited to search my, ehem, "blog URL" over the google (yes, I'm vain like that), but to my dismay, it didn't show up. So, I googled why. Oh, what a crazy world, I create over google, I search what I created over google, I can not believe that google can not give me what I searched for, so I asked google, I found the answer in google, and I trusted it. Hay google, you make the world go round... hahaha Anyway, as I was saying, yes, it says that "It can take up to four weeks." Yay! Four weeks, that's 1 month.. I cannot take this! It's like you have a christmas gift, but you cannot open just yet because it was given to you on January 1 and you have to wait for another 12 months 'till it's Christmas again to open it. Stupid!hahaha

This one's interesting, according also to my google quiry, a dead url may still be listed in Google search but "... it will eventually fade as Google index robots find nothing there". Cool! Robots to clean the cyber mess, bet it's so tired now. 

Oh, well, what else can I do but wait (to see myself in the cyber mirror).  

update: i am searchable now (after more or less 24hrs) hihi

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