Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Welcome February

Feb. 1 today, 1 month of 2012 had pass in a blink. As they say, before we knew it, it's Christmas again. Today, is my blog's half-monthsary too, can you believe it I survived! On that note, I would like to share what blogging has made me so far:

1) It got me hooked. And I’m nearing addiction. My mind is always on the compose mode, even in my sleep. I rarely talk, I barely listen to anything. My eyes are glued on the monitor. I’m always on the go when I eat, 1 cup of rice will only take me 5 spoonfuulllls to finish (new talent here). I am now planning to shift my career, from a full-time government employee/part-time blogger, to a full-time blogger/part-time government employee. Just kidding boss! Ofcourse, it's all in exaggerations. But blogging made me articulate and provides mind exercise. Freestyle writing is as challenging.

2) I gained fan base. Which mi esposo established (I think he is the only member too). He always read my posts and compliments me for my good writing (he’s my husband, what do you expect?). One time he told me “I like your post about me momma”, I said “Really? That’s my blog’s name (you *#4=$*!)”, he said “Ah, right, your latest post I mean”. He also supports me by listening to my ecstatic stories of success. On different scenario I told him I had 7 audiences from Russia, he said “Oh, that’s good. You’ll never know, this might be your chance to be famous, we can always migrate to Russia”. I just love mi esposo like that.

3) I’m web sociable. I now have guts to comment on blog entries, I am no longer shy to bare my identity and I already asked 3 of my favorite bloggers for exchange links and they all.. did not reply. No worries, I still don’t know how to put blog link on my page anyway. lol Let’s all take our time (but please somebody teach me how).

4) I'm a celebrity now. I found out that one of my posts was featured here. It's the OscarSeek Website as he describes his site, "Oscar likes to explore the internet and add his favorite topics to this website". Thank you for including my post in your site. As to how, don't ask me. I'm also as clueless, old time bloggers may criticize me and say its usual, but I'm not an old timer so its unsual to me.    

I’m in love with blogging now, I super enjoy it to the point that I forgot that my main motivation is to earn (I'll get to that sometime). As of press time, I turned down 2 ice cream invites.

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