Thursday, February 2, 2012

15th Month

Mi bebe is growing fast. Everyday, she surprises us with something we never thought she would know or recall. She’s only 15 months. She cannot utter a full word but she communicates. She responds to conversations like “who’s you Tatay?” (she points to wherever her Tatay is), “do you want milk?” (she nods), “let’s feed mash” or “let’s go out” (she automatically asked to be carried). She can gesture a dance move she once saw, she remembers each game we introduced her, she mumble syllables as if singing (you can name that tune). She identifies thing that belongs to her, she calls her favorite doll “bie”, and she grabs her pillow whenever she’s sleepy. She’s happy when we read her a book, she can count ‘til 5 with her finger. She’s techie-baby too, she can navigate her Tatay’s iPhone, turn-off a laptop and use a cellphone.

At 15 months, she already shared fair amount of tantrums. Had made her Tatay mad with her stubbornness, and made me disappointed especially during meal times. She makes me worry with her roughness with kids when she gets excited and concerns me with her stranger anxiety.

Mi bebe is exactly 15 months today, she cannot say an understandable, clear and full word, she still cannot walk on her own, she tests our patience at times, but she never fails to make us happy. She simply is our breath of fresh air.

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