Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pig Out at Nuvali

Last weekend, we went to Batangas for a Pre-Valentine's Get-away. The truth is, we were merely accompany to sweethearts Flo and vacationist Pete, it’s his V-treat to his girlfriend. On the way to Batangas, we decided to stop-over at Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna for a satisfying lunch and among the many restaurants in the place, we choose to dine at Pig Out “Your Family Grilled House”. This restaurant is a country style family grill and is the newest concept of the Bistro Group of Restaurants (the same company that brought us Italianni’s, TGI Fridays, Fish & Co., Flapjacks and Billyrock).

Pig Out's Ambiance: All tables are in long bench-type design without back rest. Perfect for a family picnic vibe. The tables are also spacious enough to accommodate their big plates and serving plates. Such type is also hassle free when it comes to food sharing. There are also widescreen TVs to entertain diners alongside with a stereo music (confusing right). High praises to the dinnerware. The air-conditioning, although not that cool (as evident by the presence of an electric fan) is forgivable. The only problem for me is where to put the baby chair. Using the word "family" in a tagline entails big responsibility, I think the owners should take this into consideration. I tried to bring it up to the manager and she explained that their tables are designed as picnic tables (as if not obvious) and suggested to put the high chair at the center. No, I won’t take that risk. That area is the only access space, it is where everyone pass especially the waiters with food tray, accident happens when you least expect right?

I decided to place it adjacent to me. Although she literally seats at my back, I rather let mi bebe's highchair rest there. It's inconvenient for me but safer for her.

If I were to suggest, I will recommend that instead of 1 long bench, why not divide it into 3 perhaps. Given situations like this, they can just take out one part and insert the baby chair, clever isn't it? And 1 more thing, please don't wait for guests to ask for a highchair, it would be a plus if your staffs are courteous enough to at least offer a seat for babies. Excuse my rants, this is a mom blog expect reviews like that. ;-)

Pig Out's Food: I believe their food is worth raving about. Don't worry health buffs, its not all about pig or pork for that matter, they actually serve a wide array of menu. We had solo order each of grilled tuna belly, peri peri chicken, fried calamari, pork sinigang in 3 kinds (although not sure if its the trade name, it was our favorite), garlic rice and chicharon fried rice. Again, this is not a food blog, I do not have the talent to give detailed description of each food. All I can say is, it's all yummy, satisfying, delicious and great. Try it if your in the area. Price wise, they offer fairly expensive array, specially for their "solo" orders. If you dine, try to consider their "to share" orders and maybe you can get more value for your money. A little spoiler, the chilled orange juice which mi esposo  ordered was actually Minute Maid Pulpy Orange with ice, I saw the bartender pours it straight from the bottle and sells it for P75, incidentally I bought 1 liter for our trip for only P22. I'm not complaining and I do not take it against the resto, I know how the marketing works. Only if I may suggest again, please be a little discreet, some customers may not be as accepting as I am. *wink*

Me MomMa tips: When dinning out with your baby, it is always better to bring their own spoon and fork, in that way you are assured that what their using is clean, sanitized and did not pass from one hand to another and not expose on the table for a long period. And don't forget other essentials like their water and bib and hand sanitizer for you.    

And since we're at Nuvali, we took the time for some photo-ops. I must commend Nuvali for putting up valentine's corner. They were also giving away 1 (uber) long stemmed red rose to couples who availed their boat ride.



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