Friday, February 24, 2012

Pasta Weekends

When mi esposo and I started living-together, I took charge in the kitchen. I am no expert but I believe I have know-hows. I also have my own specialty, in my own rights. I believe I can cook the best adobo. Funny, the first time I ever cooked him adobo (we were boyfriends then) was a miss. I don’t know what went wrong but it was not even half of the adobo I was raving him. From then on, he never trusted my adobo ever, even if I already made up for it a 100x. lol
But I’m glad mi esposo has an easy-to-please tummy, he’s also generous with compliments (dish after dish, meal after meal), which in turn makes my ear clap. haha He likes my cooking and rather eat home-cooked meals than dine-out, we even bring packed-meal to the office. To make it more enticing we designate our weekends especially for our favorite foods. I would prepare foods we crave, most of which are pasta dishes. And that’s when the pasta weekends were born.
Every week, I try to come-up with a pasta dish that we would feast on. Different sauces and different ingredients and different noodle types as well, until we voted for a favorite signature dish (read: I made it up dish). Mi esposo simply calls it “white sauce”. It’s a penne pasta in thick white sauce actually and I don’t have a name for it either. I’ll write about how to cook it in the future and/or until I’ve come up with a decent photo of it. Recipes are judged by its photos, don’t you think?
But the pasta weekend has become in hiatus when I became pregnant. With a lot of complete bed-rest thing going on, how can I cook? We were not able to revive it either after I gave birth because 1) I’m pre-occupied with mi bebe, 2) we have a maid to cook for us, whom cannot make a decent pasta dish and 3) I’m plain lazy too tired.
Not until last weekend. Our maid is on indefinite leave, remember? It left me with no choice but to be a yaya and a cook at the same time. I figured it was the best time our pasta weekend resurrects. So I cooked the “white sauce” again but this time with matching garlic bread on the sides. I loved it and I missed it big time. Mi bebe loved it too.
Now I’m contemplating on what to cook tomorrow. TGIF!

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