Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Heart's Day

Among all fabricated occasions (read: invented by enterprising minds just so they can have an excuse to sell), Valentine's Day is the least of my favorite. My principle in life changes during this occasion. For instance, I am never a believer of moving dates for convenience, I believe the speciality of the event is taken-out if you celebrate it on different date, but not during Valentine’s day. Another example, in gift giving, I make it a point to give generous gift if budget permits, or execute well-planned, heart-warming, jaw-dropping, tear-jerking surprise on our every milestone, but never for Valentines. I made this realization after I was asked by HBB Flo of my plans, I said “none” (but it’s “yuck” in my mind. lol). I don’t want to corrupt her mind, to each is to own, as they say, maybe some people are not just for valentine and that includes me. But, I still prepare a little something for mi esposo every year I still don’t want him to be left out. This year, I gave him this: my proof of forever love in a photo frame, simple but says it all. He can put this on his office table or he can use it as a pendant, if he wishes. lol

"give of love" - heart's day 2012

God is love. Let us celebrate love every day, appreciated love-ones every minute and spread love every second. Happy love day!

PS: Interestingly, this is how the "Valentine's Corner" from this convenient store near our office looks like. See the connection? From chocolates to wines to condoms. Hmmm, are you thinking what I'm thinking? lol

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