Wednesday, February 29, 2012

On my Playlist

I think mi bebe is musically inclined. She likes singing and responds to my singing, I mean to songs she hears. During her younger days (well, younger than today because she’s still too young, don’t you think?), I sing her The Alphabet Song (which is actually A your adorable to most of us), I believe she recognized it so well to the point of associating the song to me.  She pacifies with that song, she turns to sleep with it. It’s my lullaby and our national anthem. We love that song and we overused it.

As she aged (or months for that matter) we slowly introduced new songs to her. There’s Itsy Bitsy Spider which mi esposo sings to her, I sing her Do – Re – Mi (from the Sound of Music). Both songs she enjoys with tickling on the side. She likes (the traditional) Alphabet Song. She enjoys 10 Little Indians. And her favourite, the Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. She sings murmurs it when she’s bored and/or while playing. She gestures the dance as well.

But her current obsession and what she thinks should be the only song in my playlist nowadays is the I’m a Little Teapot Song. I introduced this song just recently, after running out of nursery song during my medley. I danced like crazy and she laughed hilariously. From then on, it was her favourite. She requests it nightly or every time she remembers. Since she can’t say it well, I would always tease her by singing other songs and she gets furious. She would cry and hit me then I would laugh and sing her, then she would smile the sweetest smile. And repeat refrain.    

Here's the song and dance (my version):

I'm a Little Teapot

I'm a little teapot, short and stout (making small squares in front of body)
This is my handle (R hand on hips), this is my spout (bend L elbow and raise forearm)
When the water's boiling, hear me shout (shakes whole body) 
Lift me up and pour me out (tip sideways to the left)


  1. Siguro sa akin mo sya pinaglihi noh? Kasi musically inclined kami pareho :)

    1. wow! the nicely is here! tagal na kita gusto iinvite for xlink kaso hiya pa ko, wala pang laman blog ko. pro kung okay lang sa'yo, why not =)

      hmmm, hindi yata ako naglihi..hahaha

    2. I added you in my blog roll already :) I'm glad you blog na. I knew it from Sandy and the very next day, I asked Ate joy kung ano blog URL mo. Hehe :)

    3. wow, thankx. =) don ka na din sa roll ko.

  2. yan pampatulog ko kay annika... I'm a little teapot...hehe