Monday, February 20, 2012

Club Balai Isabel Escapade

Mi familia is lucky to be invited for a V-trip to Club Balai Isabel by HBB Flo and her sweetheart Pete and we were luckier our accommodation was courtesy of the couple. The resort is located in a hidden paradise of Talisay, Batangas - right on the shore of world-famous Taal Lake where you can see across the smallest active volcano. With its facilities and amenities it is perfect for destination weddings and corporate events. As a couple with baby on board, we can vouch for its baby friendly environment. It has swimming pool and playground for kids, and offers other activities for adults such as kayaking, sailing and various outdoor and indoor sports. There is also fish spa and butterfly garden. Food in their Terraza Café is delightful and affordable. Not to mention, courteous and attentive staffs. All-in-all, I highly recommend this resort for a family get-away.
Tips for a baby-friendly vacation:
1. Make sure to cover every necessity. Toiletries, cloth, food, milk, toys and first aid kit. You wouldn't want to be caught off guard once the need arise.
2. If you plan to dip your baby on the pool be sure they have a floater and you are always on the lookout, it’s your baby never trust anyone with their life. Make sure to put on bathrobe as soon as they rise from the pool to avoid chilling, hoody robe is recommended.  
3. If its a long drive, be ready for things that will entertain your baby like toys and books. Make sure that food and milk are within reach. Though not strictly implemented in the Philippines, it is always better to put baby on a car seat.
4. Don't forget to bring sun protection like sunblock and wide hats for day and jackets for night strolling.
This is not a travel blog, so allow these photos to speak on my behalf.

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