Monday, February 27, 2012

5 Years and Counting

I am now in my 5th year in the government service. I still remember clearly what transpired the 1st time. It was in 2007 when HBB Flo invited me to apply for a position in this office which I responded blankly. I didn’t know what position I’ll be-in or what my chances might be. I am qualified I know, but it’s an open secret that to be able land a job in the government service somebody powerful must endorse your application, and I have none (unless you’ll consider a Technical Assistant Flo as that “somebody”). Maybe destiny has it way and in a less than 2 miraculously months, I was hired. 2 months was a miracle indeed considering I am applying for “the government”. I later found out that my application was in time with the agency’s rationalization plan. It was a restructuring and reorganization of some sorts wherein the agency fills in positions that they believe deemed appropriate for the service they cater. I was hired at an entry level and received a salary lower than that of my office in the private sector was giving me. I didn’t mind, I thought the security of tenure and the prestige of working for the country is what’s more important. Luckily, my hard works was rewarded with a back-to-back promotion and the birth of SSL3 – the annual salary adjustments.

After 5 years, I’m still here. Exposed to the politicality of this agency (with bully bosses and the fly on the carabao), but still manages to survive. Anyway I’ll be in the service until I reached the retirement bracket while the flies will be here for as good as 6 years (now only 4) or until the next EDSA party or God knows what's the next chapter of this much awaited countrywide’s telenovela might be. I'm still young and naive. I’m yet to learn how to dance tango. I’m still awaiting for my 10th year milestone bonus. I have to wait until I become. But I will never forget the day I was hired, February 17, 2007.

It was 10 days ago and.. it.. actually slipped my mind. Might be the effect of the anesthesia. lol

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