Monday, February 6, 2012


Productive weekend. That's sums up the weekend that was. Actually it was mi bebe who's been productive during those days, I'd like to make an in-depth post on what transcribed over the last 2 days (so watch out for it, I will link it here for future reference) but now let me just give you an overview: 1) she was able to walk alone, 2) I was able to cut her nails while she's awake, and 3) she's slowly overcoming her stranger anxiety (yes, this is different from separation anxiety I've discussed the other time, now you know babies passes through different kinds of anxieties).

I still can’t get-over the weekend, but reality bites. Whether I don't like it or I don't like it, I have to leave home and report for work. Anyway, I trust that I’ll be productive in the office myself. Today we are scheduled to attend a lecture on the guidelines in the use of the revised form of the Statements of Assets, Liabilities and Networth or simply “the controversial” SALN. I say controversial because its all over news nowadays, as it is one of the grounds of the impeachment case filed against the chief justice. Per RA No. 6713, all government officers and employees are mandated to submit under oath, their individual/joint SALNs annually. In my case, I jointly file it with mi esposo since SALN declares the income, properties (real or personal), expenses, loans payable and the difference thereof of all the earning-member within the household. So, there is no need for us to file separately since we live under one household. Again, mi esposo and I both work for the government under one agency but different offices (he’s an IT and I’m on the budgetary affairs, no nepotism whatsoever). In today’s lecture, the contents and the know-hows on filling the revised form will be explained, (the one you see in the senate hearings is the old form). The Civil Service Commission already issued revised form since 2008 but the use of it was suspended due to numerous request/complaints from declarants.

Aside from that, I am also anticipating for another productivity in the name of Productivity Incentive Bonus. This is a bonus generated from the agency's savings. We are asked to submit accomplishments based on targets for the given period of time. Your point score has the corresponding monetary value, e.g. 9.5-10 = P3,000, 7.51-9.49= P2,000 and 4.01 – 7.5 = P1,000, no monetary reward for scores lower than 4. Now, that is the kind of productivity I want, government employees (me especially) are shallow like that.  

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