Thursday, February 23, 2012

Appropriate Hairdo for Me MomMa

I’m sporting a new hairdo right now, chin-length and whatnots. I don’t know what this style is called I just told the hairdresser to cut my hair this short (gesturing to my ear or maybe just above my chin) and viola the rest of my hair are gone in a sec. What made this hair cutting session different was that mi esposo paid for the luxury of my hair-treatment. I'm having a hair fall problem ever since I gave birth. I think it's a common thing with mothers who just gave birth and I'm hoping this treatment would help. I’m not really vain with matters like this. Actually, a low-maintenance girl is an overstatement if you’re going to describe me. I’m so blessed to be pretty even if I’m just a wash and wear type not to mention I’m also narcissistic. lol I also needed to cut my hair short to lessen the treatment cost, the longer your hair, the more expensive it gets, right? Seriously, I wanted this length mainly because I liked it. Yes I’m serious, I have no other reason. I always wanted a short hair, but mi esposo prefers a long-haired me. So, I submit. But now that I have a better reason, I prevailed. This is for mi bebe, I said to him.

Practically speaking, I think it is better for moms to be short-haired, especially those with infant like me. Aside from the fact that a long hair is costly/time consuming to maintain, it’s also disturbing when my hair is smudging all over her face at every possible contact (like when I pick her up, carry her, feed her and play with her). It might also cause rash to her delicate skin. Yes, ponytails are already invented but for me it’s the boringest, as my mama would say, I looked like Olive Oyl with it.

As I was being shampooed before my treatment. The thought of mi bebe and I having such treatment flashed to my mind. I was thrilled by the thoughts of it. I know that someday we'll be able to bond in salons like this and share beauty regimens. Not that I have a lots to share with, but I'm sure that confidence is as good enough. lol

Ahh, the perks of having a daughter.

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